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Test Program for LCD Monitors?
6/9/08 2:36:05 PM

Hey folks I have a BenqG2400WD monitor that looks fine but I have no calibration software and would like to test / optimise I have read good things about displaymate but there is no longer a demo.

Can anyone recommend a good test program and possible offer a brief rundown of what to do?


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7/9/08 11:46:48 PM
Calibrating and testing are different things and they happen at different levels. High end print houses generally use hardware monitor and print calibrating, like the Spyder 3 Studio, same with proper photographers and the like. The G2400 is a non colour critical consumer model and I don't suspect you need colours to be critical. You should decide what's important to you and we can go from there. If you have a good eye generally you can do basic callibrating by downloading a photo taken by a pro. From here you can adjust for tonal range, depths in the shadows, colour cast etc. Adobe have a facility called Adobe Gamma in Photoshop which will basically adjust green red and blue for you as well as contrast brightness.


9/9/08 11:03:00 AM
There are a fair few free programs out there that help you calibrate your brightness and contrast.
As brian said however colour calibration is not that simple.


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