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Dual Monitor Problem
3/9/08 7:55:45 PM

Hi all,

For the last few months i have been running a dual monitor setup with my 2900xt, 22" Chimei and a 22" BenQ.

Last night i had a lan and so took my comp downstairs with only my benq to play. I played the computer off my monitor and i also at one point hooked it up to our tv to watch a movie. After taking it back upstairs this morning (comp was running fine) I've now ecountered a problem when trying to run both monitors. I can run a single monitor from either HDMI port with either cable but as soon as i plug in a second monitor the main image transfers to the BenQ leaving my Chimei with a 'no signal' message.

When i enter into the ATI catalyst and try to activate the other monitor i get no response. Also when i go into the windows display settings i can select extend but i get no response and just have that little 800x600 not detected type monitor.

Thanks in advance for any feedback. This is killing me!!!!

Edited by chapps: 3/9/2008 08:14:58 PM

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