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Dual displays
30/8/08 4:52:39 PM
I want to connect a second LCD and play a game on my 22' and watch a movie and do other stuff on a 17' anyone know if this is possible?

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30/8/08 8:25:30 PM

Yes it is possible.



Harmonic Cacophony 
1/9/08 11:06:47 AM

Yes, something like setting your monitors to Dualview will do that, but it may be a bit of hassle getting things to run properly simulatenously.

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2/9/08 2:00:58 PM

Depends on the game. But I've been doing that sort of thing for some time now: playing UFO on my 17" whilst iTunes rips CDs and Facebook Chat is going on on my 22".

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4/9/08 1:12:05 PM
yes you can as long your video card has an output for your second display


Harmonic Cacophony 
8/9/08 4:07:32 PM

I've been trying to run games on my 24 and a tv show or movie on my 19, and it won't play ball. It sort of works, but the game seems to take all the CPU and the video doesn't work properly. The sound works fine, but I only get about one frame every minute or so. It's quite annoying.

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8/9/08 8:58:45 PM
ive never had a problem with dual monitors...then again, im using twin 19" crt's. i dont think that matters either coz ive been able to connect a tv (@ 640x480) to the setup with the other monitor (@ 1280x1200), minus one of the CRTs and it works fine too.

what id make sure and do is to set identical resolutions on both monitors, if possible. i guess, the frame rate you get is dependent on the kind of game it is but i highly doubt that most of the games on the market now will actually slow your performance down that much, unless of course your vid card is low.

NOTE: im using the 7950GT


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