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Samsung 245T vs 225MS
18/8/08 1:51:24 PM

Hey guys,

It's finally time for me to get a new monitor, and I've long since lost my knowledge of what's what.

Basically, I'm looking for a reasonably priced (<$800) 22 - 24" monitor that can do the following:

-Be used for decent pc gaming
-Connect to my Xbox 360 (preferably through component)
-Act as a HD TV (through the use of HD TV card to be put in my pc soonish)
-Contain inbuilt speakers, or some method of connecting to speakers

In short, I'm looking for a new monitor which also allows for me to hoik my old 34cm crapbox called a tv.

I've looked around the Samsung range, and found that the 225MS and 245T should be up to the task, but I've got no idea if there's something out there that's better, or which of the two would be better price/value wise.

http://www.samsung.com/au/consumer/detail/detail.do?group=computerperipherals&type=monitor&am - 225MS $519

http://www.samsung.com/au/consumer/detail/detail.do?group=computerperipherals&type=monitor&am - 245T $799

If anyone out there has some better recommendations or experiences with these monitors I'd love to hear(read?) them.

Cheers for any assistance.


Cpt. Lock 
18/8/08 2:07:23 PM

Spending that kind of money on a 22" monitor is a bit ridiculous. you'll find a decent 22" monitor for less then $300

any monitor with a 5ms or less response rate should be good enough to do what you want.

check this article out, if you must spend over $300 for a 22" monitor get one of the samsungs listed there


Thery'll all act as a TV with a TV tuner. I use an AOC 210v and it's perfect, the colour is perfect and there's hardly any back light bleed, it's not noticeable unless the screen is completely black

They don't win any design awards but for a chimei panel they do everything right.

FWIW it's worth your just as likely to get a Chimei panel in a Samsung monitor as you are a Samsung panel so it's not really worth the extra money to be quite honest.

If you want a full HD monitor then you're going to have to get a 24" panel. 22" panels aren't capable of displaying 1920x1080


18/8/08 3:24:22 PM

Very well then, any suggestions on similar 24" monitors? Preferably cheaper, but if I must pay that much to meet my needs I guess I wouldn't mind.

EDIT: Alas I may have answered my own question. The LG L246WH-BN!


Similar specs to the 245T and much cheaper to boot. However, I'm having a little trouble finding a purchasable location, the closest being at Gamedude which quotes the model number being L246WH-BF not BN. Seems to be the same specs, anyone know of any differences? or have had issues with said screens?

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19/8/08 5:09:56 PM

get a good 24 or the color variances will be off from top to bottom or left to right. this is an issue I hear many 24 owners talking about. that's not there in 22's. and backlight bleeding has been a little worse on the 2 I've seen. the HP 2408 and the cheaper dell 24.

but being that LG is one of the best. I think you'll be ok. I don't mean to discourage, just do your homework before getting a 24 and don't get the cheapest one either. get a mid to high if can

Edir* Oh and I have and love two 22" samsungs. they look great. Just a thought!

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