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to switch or not to switch
15/8/08 2:15:28 PM
ive been contemplating, for a fair while now, replacing my current dual CRT setup to LCDs. ive had advice given to me from all directions and sad to say its kind of a bit confusing to me. so, please, some opinions please.

oh btw. ill mainly be using it for gaming and some 3D work but the latter doesnt matter as much.


15/8/08 4:57:34 PM

So all you want to know is "should you do it" ? If that's the case then I say go for it, if only to save space :)

Any current LCD will handle your games and 3d work as most are 5ms response time,(or less).

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15/8/08 6:06:33 PM
To make the switch, well let me ask you this do you need to? It's all well and good to make the switch and as bowiee has rightly posted, lcd will do what you want but again do you need to make the change? If your happy with your current screens and they are doing what you want then hang onto them until you need to purchase a new screen because frankly as good as some units are there's still lots of development to come in display technology.



Cpt. Lock 
17/8/08 1:31:37 PM

Put it this way you'll need a 22" LCD to match the resoloution of a 19" CRT. A good 21" CRT will go as high as what a 24" LCD does.

Depends whether you want screen size, or screen real estate and how much you want to spend really


17/8/08 3:34:03 PM

If all it is is contemplation rather than serious consideration, I'd say now is not the time.

Now is a good time to get an LCD, no doubt. But is it the time for you to jump in? I would say not. As has been said, there's plenty of development to go in display tech (as, I suspect, there will always be) - so if you're satisfied with your current setup there's no compelling reason to recommend you change.

Having said that, it may be an idea to get a single high-quality 24" LCD to run alongside your CRT for the purpose of comparison and as a halfway point. I thought my CRT was sweet 'till I put my LCD right next to it and realised that my worries about colour reproduction and fluidity were unfounded. Your requirements sound like resolution, colour and response time, though you'd also be considering space, screen size and power usage.

Like I said before, either hold of entirely, or experiment with a single high-quality LCD before making the full switchover.

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17/8/08 3:38:43 PM

Or you always go for the save the planet, save the electricity bill aproach and choose the greenest alternative.

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17/8/08 6:15:18 PM
Well if you want to go for the greenest option, that would have to be to keep your current display for as long as possible, the embodied energy in a display far out weighs it's energy consumption during usage.



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