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DVI-HDMI @ 1080i has black bars on sides...?
13/8/08 12:11:22 AM
Hi, I got a DVi to HDMI adapter from Jaycar the other day, and hookrd it up to my MacBook and my new Panasonic FullHD LCD TV (TX-something-850A).
Only problem is that when I set it up to display at 1080, I can either have black bars on the left and right or black bars all the way around...
If I turn on overscan on the TV, it seems to zoom in and some of the screen is out of view (top & bottom). If I then turn on overscan on the MacBook, the picture becomes smaller...with both on, the black bars are smaller but still present...
The tv says it is displaying 1080, its not a huge issue but I would have expected 1920x1080 to fill the screen on a Full HD TV...?
Any help to get 1080 full screen would be much appreciated, cheers.

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13/8/08 9:53:38 PM


Yeah, it should play a DVI source fullscreen at 1080p... also, it should be 1080p not i. Is the resolution for the external display on the Macbook set to 1920x1080?

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14/8/08 11:11:35 AM
The MacBook lists 1920x1080i with either PAL (50Hz) or NTSC (60Hz) modes available, I have it set to 1920x1080i.
The MacBook's native resolution is 1280x800 and the arrangement is set to 'mirrored', so the MacBook is at 1280x800 and the TV is at 1920x1080.
The TV displays a message 'HDMI4 1920x1080i' when it is turned on etc. Sometimes after a while the 'i' switches to a 'p', but there are still the same black bars on the sides. Also, I just noticed that there are small bars on the top and bottom, so it isn't scaling properly to fit the display, its definitely a FullHD TV ( http://panasonic.com.au/products/details.cfm?objectID=4362 ).
If I set the resolution to 1280x720p, it fills the screen, and is a little more responsive (MacBook's use integrated GPUs)...so I can live with 720p but I just don't get why full HD doesn't scale properly, it might have been useful for watching videos through the computer (H264 etc).
Interestingly, the PS3 doesn't have this problem, I'll have to check the manual to make sure the AV4 HDMI input supports 1080...

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Gaffa tape is like the force, it has a light side, and a dark side and it binds the universe together.

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