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HD Streamers
8/8/08 11:39:13 AM
Not sure if this goes here but it can't be to far off. Mods feel free to move it if thats the case.

Recently bought the Sony Bravia 40" X Series with the free PS3 (w00t w00t high five to me) Now, I am buying a D-Link DNS 323 NAS and I'll prob fit it with 2 x 1tb drives. I'm doing this so I can watch videos through my PC and PS3 when ever I like on my big TV. I like the idea of being able to push downloads straight to the NAS and view them through my PS3 without having to turn on my PC. I already discovered that that specific NAS is compatible with the PS3. It can pick the media up as a media server :)

My problem is that my old man just got the new Samsung 40" LCD (can't remember the model but its the one with the red outline) He wants to view be able to view all my movies and TV shows that I download/RIP without buying a PS3. I've been looking into it and there seems to be a few toys around called HD Streamers. Basically they grab files from PC's and output them to a HD TV. I'm not to worried about the wireless stuff because what ever way I go it will be hardwired into the router :)
1. Is there anyone with experience in these matters that can shed some light/recommendations?
2. Is there possibly a better way to do it?
3. Can these HD Streamers pick up media from a NAS? (Most of the information I've found only relates them to a PC)
4. I know this isn't the place but is that NAS my best option?

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