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Sony Bravia X vs Samsung 650
23/7/08 3:29:31 PM

Quote by cg776
The Static-ice prices are all well and good for a 1.8 meter cable, but try anything longer than that (say 2.4m) and the price jumps to a $99 starting point:

You're doing it wrong.

If you absolutely need a 2.4m cable, you might have trouble getting it cheap. That's because the standard lengths are 1.8m, 2m, 3m, 5m. Any of those lengths can be had for less than thirty dollars.

If you are having any trouble calibrating your set, maybe here would be a good place to look:

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25/7/08 3:47:22 PM

Lol, i got my 1.8m HDMI cable for $15. :)

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5/8/08 3:08:22 PM

There's more to picture quality then brightness and response time. Processing engine will make a huge difference.

I just picked up a 52" Bravia X so I'm biased :)

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