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22 inch and 19 inch LCD WITH NO EDGE?
10/7/08 10:00:37 AM

Does anyone know/how to buy/build/create an LCD with no edge?

This would be great for those multi-monitor games we love to play.


10/7/08 10:59:47 AM

yes, yes i do.

Got money?? you better hope so.

The edge on monitors is doing 2 things:

1. providing a way to hold the lot together.

2. housing the backlight.

What you'd need to do is strip however many monitors you want, make a cusom base for them so you can put the control board in the base rather than behind. you'd then want to take every panel and build a custom frame for them to hold them in (so you have one BIG edge instead of a few small ones.

Now comes the truly tricky part.

You'll need to figure out a backlighting system thats even.

It doesnt take too long to adapt to multi monitor screen shenanigans even if you have edges.

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I've got a wicked tiny one that is ridiculously sensitive.

10/7/08 2:43:25 PM

And if you start ripping bits of your monitor ... no warranty either.

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10/7/08 3:11:11 PM

Basically what scythe said, except even doing that you'll still have small gaps where there are no pixels, because that part of the panel would have otherwise been hidden.

Best you can do without purpose-built panels is remove the bezels to get the pixel'd parts of the panels as close together as possible.

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10/7/08 3:46:08 PM

I've got two 12" pushed together. Looks exactly like a 24.

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22/7/08 8:13:15 AM

Quote by kikz
I've got two 12" pushed together. Looks exactly like a 24.

LOL. Nice one.

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23/7/08 7:09:45 PM

You'll still have the best part of a 10mm gap no matter what you try.


29/7/08 2:09:00 PM

buy a bigger monitor?

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Harmonic Cacophony 
31/7/08 11:58:52 AM

I was thinking, instead of making monitors with the standard bezel around the edge that then sinks down to the actual monitor, they could just build it so the bezel goes all the way flush over the screen, so it gives the appearance of having no bezel at all. Just have like a piece of glass over the whole thing, with the edges black.

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