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Can I run a VCR into a Full Hi-Def LCD Panel?
9/7/08 3:18:14 PM

I'm planning on gettting a 28" full HD LCD monitor, for the PS3, which will also be replacing our old TV.

My PS and TV antenna input presently runs through the VCR, then to the TV, so I leave the TV on Channel 1 and all my video, TV station, and game switching is done via the VCR remote to the VCR, in the name of simplicity.

So if I replace the old TV with a LCD panel, will it be able to play the standard TV signal output of the VCR, provided I can find the appropriate cabling?

Failing that, I'll have to scrap the plans for the LCD and get a proper HDTV, which is gonna cost me way more $$$...


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9/7/08 4:10:41 PM

How exactly does your VCR hook up to your TV at present? And what connections does your desired monitor have? That should answer your questions.
If they aren't the same, you're out of luck.

Oh, and apparently the PS3 emulates PS1 games fine. Apparently.


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9/7/08 8:59:25 PM

You can still get HD with the antenna cable routing from the VCR to the new TV. You could probably survive with composite too, but it would be considerably better the first way, providing your antenna out routes directly to the tv.


9/7/08 9:35:08 PM
Well your vcr should have rca input/output - i'd imagine that's how your connecting the consoles to it, thus just make sure the lcd tv has rca input and your set. Depending on the quality of the vcr it could also possibly have s-video output, if so then s-video in on the tv would be great too.



10/7/08 3:45:00 PM

or shell a bit for a composite/s-video to VGA(RGB) adapter. Shell out an arm and a leg for a convert to DVI.

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23/7/08 2:46:27 AM

Or put a PC with a telly card in between the VCR and monitor FTW.

You can capture your fave tapes and phase the dinosaur out.


23/7/08 11:08:52 AM
just get a LCD with a built in tv tuner so you can watch digital tv, watching the standard def tv through the VCR on a HD LCD wont be very nice.
If you want to control the tv channels/PS3, etc through the VCR remote it will all be running in standard def, which will look like crap on a HD LCD.


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