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Discuss: ViewSonic VX2835wm
17/8/08 8:45:39 PM

Quote by I)ickie
Quote by osama_bin_athlon
I paid $625 for mine, too. fantastic purchase! I don't know what the sound is like, I don't use it. but, the monitor itself is great, I can't fault it, especially for $625. it's the bargain of the year!
playing V8Supercars3, GRID, and DiRT (with my G25) is so close to real, I expect to get booked!

Where did you find it for that?
I'm looking to buy one and $625 is a fantastic price

Edited by I)ickie: 17/8/2008 5:43:25 PM

They were at MSY for that price I bought mine a month ago. As far as I know they no longer sell it as I haven't seen it on their price list for a while now.

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31/8/08 2:16:41 AM

yeh, what he said

....it's called a 'snuke'.

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