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Headphone suggestions
7/9/08 8:37:32 AM

Ok..I currently use a Logitech cordless headset(excellent btw...especially so you can go to the fridge for a beer while still talking to mates on xfire while playing crysis..oh and btw looking for other aussies to join in on our Crysis games..especially to prepare for team instant action in Crysis Warhead....10 days..woot....My user name is Shyne) but they are starting to crackle slightly due to my bad need to listen to tunes at full or close to volume...anyone suggest some headphones that enjoy loud music being put through them often or should I just spend the cash every now and then to get a new set of the ones I have? Is it just a thing that if you blast them all headphones will end up the same?

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9/9/08 8:14:37 PM

You've usually got to use a set of headphones on an ear bleeding volume to cause damage to them. A circumaural (pads that surround your ears) set is likely to give you more volume than supraaurals (Sit on your ear) due to a larger driver - although this is not necessarily the case.

How's your hearing going? If you're managing to damage your headphones from excessive volumes you'll be doing your ears even more harm, you should really try and keep the volume down a bit. If the problem is you need the high volume to get the details in the music, then a more expensive set of headphones will give you that detail without the volume.


Dr Doom 
9/9/08 9:30:21 PM

If any earphone that can has decent sensitivity will help, also ones with lower resistance. Though like Scootsie said, if you listen to stuff at over 90Db for extended periods you'll end up like me, walking around with ringing ears for the rest of your life. :D

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