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The Atomic Audiobucket.
ghost in the shell 
9/9/08 3:06:53 PM

Quote by datafast69
Ooo...Aurora 3's very nice BFM :)

I listened to some of what Orpheus had on offer at Reg Mills over a year ago and was impressed with them. Australia has some nice speakers designers/makers.

New stand? tell me about it, I am using an old chair with the back removed o_O I had better do something too :)

Edited by datafast69: 8/9/2008 10:12:10 PM

Do you know if Reg Mills is still around in any way? I heard they closed down.


9/9/08 3:21:59 PM

Not in Brisbane as far as I know, drove past the store the other day and It's getting outfitted for some other business.

Very sad as they seemed to offer great service.


9/9/08 9:55:00 PM

Don't have any photo's to post up at the moment, but I currently have -

Jamo E825 bookshelves

Rotel RA-02

Sound Card
Auzen Prelude

Sennheiser HD590
Alessandro MS-Pro


Dr Doom 
9/9/08 10:05:33 PM

Pics of my stuff will come soon:
Monitor Audio GR20 floorstand
Monitor Audio GRLCR Center
Monitor Audio BFX Effects speakers
Monitor Audio FB212 2 x 12" sub
No amp right now as I have nowhere to setup the gear as I'm flatting.


I had a sammich in my head!

Kung Fu Hung-Su 
9/9/08 11:23:43 PM

Yeah, need sexy pics guys xD

Fixed ur link BFM =)

My name is Hung and I'm a Canborrowtomican!

What do you like?

Life is long...young life is not.

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