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What quality do you rip your CDs at?
5/9/08 2:07:48 PM

Quote by Master_Scythe
Lord bug.


CD images. I never even thought of that!

is there a CD image format that compresses? So my CDs arent 800mb each.

thats like terrabytes of data.

Having a bit of a look, the only format I found which compresses is DAA from PowerISO. But it really does depend on how much music/stuff is on the CD. I've got image files which are a couple of hundred MB, and I've got a few which are larger than 800MB (I might even have a couple which are over 900MB, bloody data tracks)


By sheer coincidence, I was browsing through Alcohol 120%'s options, and noticed the ability to mount Compressed ISO images. Arg, I should've just googled "compressed iso" in the first place :P

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5/9/08 3:22:16 PM

Quote by robzy
--alt-preset standard


is an outdated way of using LAME :)

--alt-preset-standard is roughly equivalent to -V2 instead these days.

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5/9/08 9:54:37 PM

Vorbis using the command:

$ oggenc -q4 file.wav 

For uncompressed audio, I have a soft spot for Sun Audio, largely because it's very basic -- about 4 or 5 odd 'long' integers (32-bit) followed by the raw samples, which can take a number of forms. See the relevant page on Wikipedia.

The only downside is that it was intended for Sun workstations, thus everything is in big endian format. This means a very slight overhead for a little-endian computer (IBM clones are little-endian), however in reality, a byteswap is barely noticeable in the scheme of things.

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