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Whats the average size of a FLAC file?
4/9/08 10:18:39 AM

Interesting read in this doc regarding current CD/music production.


More reading here


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4/9/08 2:05:23 PM

Quote by Electra
Quote by datafast69
Quote by Master_Scythe
the fact that most of my music is electronica probably means its very 'clean' as it is.

which is likely why i dont lose anything.

I find that is a very confusing statement, so what is being removed when compression is done?

How does the file get substantially smaller if you don't lose anything?
Are you sure you're not hearing impaired?

certain. I had tests and got perfect. and i personally think its gotten better since losing my eyesight.

What i mean is, being electronica, the music consists of a solid continuous bass beat, Synthesised sounds that are usually 'on note' and dont waiver in volume or pitch. Making the sounds 'Simple'.

ill use an example.

With a real guitar, the notes may go:

C, C, C#, C, C, C: <-only SLIGHTLY C#

where as

in electonica it would be
C, C, C, C, C, C <- nothing off.

Now lets say lame compresses it from each individual note, to using an algorithm that says "C note for 6 beats".

In the live recording, the fact the string was already vibrating made the note chance slightly to a higher pitch. Probably not conciously noticible, but its entirely it adds to the feel of the song. Where as in electronica, it probably wasnt there ot begin with.

What I was trying to suggest is because most (not all) of it is electronic, all these little things that MP3 is supposed to remove or distort, may not exist much in the original recording.

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Quote by Girvo
I've got a wicked tiny one that is ridiculously sensitive.

4/9/08 5:13:27 PM

I'm sure they use the 'humanize' button a lot in electronica too.


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