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Discuss: Creative Soundblaster X-Fi 5.1 USB
27/8/08 6:41:33 PM

stadl thinks:

Crystalizer reads awefully like the results of a "loudness" circuit found on just about every 2-bit amplifier sold since the 70s.

But for the price you can't really complain - most of the better mobile sound options are pro grade and cost many hundreds of dollars more.

About the Atomic article Creative Soundblaster X-Fi 5.1 USB


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29/8/08 5:13:06 PM

Does anyone know if this device uses the standard USB Audio protocol, or whether it uses some proprietary protocol? Also, what sample rates can it do?

If it does use USB audio (like USB headsets), I might consider getting one. Crystalizer is a complete waste of time -- but if my eyes aren't deceiving me, that looked very much like a Chebychev-I low-pass response when Crystalizer is turned off. That is, mostly flat then a sharp drop.

Perfect for minimal distortion of signals. :-)

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