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My New(ish) Phonograph record player
16/8/08 7:05:44 PM
Hi there everyone

I am new to this forum, and while I have a passion in music equipment and alot of the old stuff is really interesting to me, I do not have years of knowledge and was not around in the time such equipment was used.

So I am wondering if anyone knows enough to identify my new record player I picked up.
I have not yet got to powering it up after finding it on the side of the road, however that just needs a power cable solderd to it for that, that should be simple.
However I then have noticed that the record player has that feature where once the record finishes the needle returns to its cradle... Extra funky I must say, apart from the fact that the needle does not appear to lift itself.. just scratch accross where the record would be... Not to game to put any records in yet...
Anyway, before I can work out how to fix this problem, I need to identify the record player model.

So I have taken some picutres. The housing was peeling off but did say Akai on it so I am guessing its an Akai record player. The pictures are at:

The pictures dont show too much, but if anyone could identify the model of record player I would be very grateful.
Thanks in advance :)


16/8/08 8:27:28 PM


That would be a guess if it didn't have a sticker saying Akai

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16/8/08 9:31:51 PM

Nah.......no idea here.
Looks like it's styled after an old Thorens.

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