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No sound when playing DVD over HDMI
13/8/08 4:18:00 PM
hey guys,

i hooked up my machine to my bravia lcd the other night and have been enjoying immensely.

however, last night i popped a dvd in and i get no sound. tv said something about audio format not recognised. first time i've had this problem (everything else works). thoughts?

i am using the hdmi cable for the connection to the tv with the digital audio cable hooked up through my 9800gtx. i'm using media player classic to play the dvd.


ghost in the shell 
16/8/08 1:33:47 AM

You just need to set your media player to "Digital Output Device (HDMI)" rather than your PC's sound card. Assuming it's been working before ?

I'm not sure what you mean by digital audio cable though, you shouldn't need any additional cables apart from the HDMI to get audio into the bravia (assuming you're using one of those little dvi to hdmi adapters) as far as I can remember they only have optical out, not in.


16/8/08 10:06:32 AM

I'm not sure what you mean digital audio hooked up through your 9800GTX. Can you clarify?

If you are trying to get the HDMI to output video and sound you're out of luck. nVidia does not support sound via HDMI at the current time.


17/8/08 1:24:05 AM

It wouldn't surprise me if your TV only expects stereo PCM audio via the HDMI cable.

I'd check that in your manual, and if that's the case, you'll have to hunt around and find somewhere to set the audio to be decoded, downmixed and outputted in PCM stereo.

And yeah, I don't really follow what you're doing with the video card and such, but hopefully you'll figure it all out.

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