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Cooling a subwoofer plate amp?
8/8/08 8:05:55 AM

Quote by 1bolHungLo
Quote by -80
Quote by 1bolHungLo
*this calls for a water cooled subwoofer plate mod*

I don't think he needs to worry about fan noise with the power he has!

well water coolers are better than air coolers. So it may not necessarily for a noise thing. :P

That's true, but how much money does he want to spend?

Mercury - you've got my number

8/8/08 9:53:26 PM

Quote by kRaZeD_
I have no idea why you need to add fans to THAT amp... Mine runs cool all the time, and I like my music loud... Maybe your subs just aren't very efficient...

What sub/s are you running?


13/8/08 5:10:20 PM

Running a single 12" Adire Audio Shiva

Dual 8 ohm coils wired to 4 ohm in a ported box. Goes loud :)

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