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Home theatre help
28/7/08 11:30:41 PM
Hi guys, setting up a small home theater system.

at the moment, have;

Sharp AQUOS LC-42PD7X 42" lcd
Pioneer DV-344 DVD Player
Pioneer VSX-D209 5.1 Channels Receiver
and 5 speakers to suit the 5.1

My amp has no optical or hdmi inputs, just wondering if there is any way to get 5.1 fromt he ps3 to my receiver?

And if not, can anyone suggest another reciever that will do the trick preferably cheapish, not lookign to spend alot and dont need much power as it is in a small room.

Thanks in advance :)


28/7/08 11:39:40 PM

There are converters available but they can be quite expensive.

Edit - Seems there are quite a few people in your predicament.


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MSGT Bilko 
2/8/08 1:29:28 PM

Simple solution, Go to Altronics and pick up one of these http://www.altronics.com.au/index.asp?area=item&id=A3204 and a power pack to suit. Buy a Digital Coax cable.

Problem Solved.


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2/9/08 10:08:54 PM
If you upgrade your equipment, definitely you'll have a much better one. though it will cost you some cash. The bottom line is you did it to satisfy your self.


Dr Doom 
9/9/08 9:38:10 PM

Go grab something from Yamaha or Onkyo, they are quite cheap from certain retailers ;)

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