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Audio problem.
28/7/08 6:23:18 PM
Hi guys, long time reader, first time poster. I am having problems with my audio. While gaming or watching divx playback I cant hear any voices. I can hear music and FX perfectly but cant hear any voices. I have a Gigabyte EP35-DS3R mobo with onboard sound. Any help would be rad!


28/7/08 7:09:22 PM

whats your speaker/amp system? What kind of audio output does the mobo offer?

Often problems such as you metion are caused by having a game playing 5.1 sound through stereo speakers, or stereo sound playing through 5.1 speakers etc. You need to set up your speaker config. with the audio drivers, eg SoundMAX or Creative Audigy, then also change the audio settings in your playback/gaming software...fiddle around but you might find thats all the problem is.

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2/9/08 10:11:44 PM
Check the settings, mistakes must have been done when configuring it. some area of it might be on mute.


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