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Auzen Prelude 7.1 Driver Thread
3/7/08 9:54:01 PM

new drivers out are beta at the moment or is the beta just for the dts thing?


4/7/08 9:59:26 AM
I think the 'beta' status is more related to DDL support, as that's the main thing listed under 'known issues'. Never had a prob myself.

Congratulations on the God-damn cherries!

8/7/08 10:17:51 PM

anyone else find these take a bitch long amount of time to download?

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13/7/08 2:29:12 PM
Beta 1.1 is out, now 240mb :/

Fixes mic probs in Ventrilo and Teamspeak over the last lot. I'm in no rush, still using "RC5_1 Patch 1" myself.


Congratulations on the God-damn cherries!

17/7/08 10:23:34 AM
Driver release Information:

Driver name: AZT_XP_VISTA 1.02.5
Driver version: X-Fi Prelude -
Download Size: 170 mb
Release Date: 06/11/2008
Updated: 07/16/2008

Changes in this Driver

-Fixed 'Audio Distortion with DDL.
-Fixed memory leak.
-Increased MIC gain.
-Addition of the SFBM (Sound Font Bank Manager) into the software.
-DDL component requires a Key to activate it before use. Key provided automatically when registering.
-Registration required for download.

Known Bugs

-DDL sound stops
-DDL sound "pops or crackles"
-Mic sound problem (Ventrilo, VOIP in games)
-SLI Issue


At least they've lost some bloat, now down to 170mb.


Edit: Ok, so Auzen now have the Beta 1.1 drivers here, listed as 'experimental':


Edited by SavageD: 17/7/2008 10:27:47 AM

Congratulations on the God-damn cherries!

1/9/08 1:41:12 AM

Driver release Information:

Driver name: RC6
Driver Version: X-Fi Prelude -
Download Size: 158 mb
Release Date: 08/12/2008

Changes in this Driver:

-The DDL stop issue fixed
-The DDL component does not need activation
-MIC performance with Ventrilo and Teamspeak improved

Known Bugs:

Windows Vista (32bit)

Changing Mode resets all settings to default and requires re-setting by the user.
Default value mutes the MIC in all modes.

Windows XP

The 'Bass Settings' and 'Advanced' in Entertainment mode to be added in next driver.
No other specific issues in Windows XP.

Congratulations on the God-damn cherries!

1/9/08 8:25:39 AM

Good to hear about the DDL activation, but I think that I will wait until the XP issues have been ironed out.

Cheers for the update.

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1/9/08 8:01:36 PM
Yeah, good to see that the DDL issues (including that ridiculous activation thing) have been squashed. Check out the Vista 32 issue though....awkward.

Congratulations on the God-damn cherries!

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