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Keeping Out The Nasties HELP
28/8/08 11:30:19 AM

I Am At this time in the market for a new PC i am wondering as i am somewhat reckless with the internet what is a good list of Security software and utilities that enable the best performence and protection for my pc any freeware programs that will keep me safe??


28/8/08 12:20:19 PM

Best solution is to modify your behaviour to reduce the risk dude. Nothing will stop nasties if you insist on clicking dodgy links and attachments.
However you can also help by using
1) a browser other than Internet Explorer eg Firefox
2) For email avoid Outlook and Outlook Express. Try Thunderbird.
3) Use a decent Antivirus solution. Try Avast Free.
4) Install update and run the immunize feature of Spybot Search and Destroy. Spybot does not have resident protection, except for teatimer so it needs to be manually run and updated if you suspect a problem.
5) Lavasoft Adaware Free does a similar job to Spybot and can also be worth installing and running.
6) Keep windows (and MS Office if you use it) up to date.
7) Use a software firewall, even if only the inbuilt windows one.
8) If you have ADSL or Cable then make sure the modem firewall is also enabled.
9) Use your Brain. If something seems too good to be true it generally is.
10) Modify your behaviour.

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29/8/08 2:36:06 PM

Thanks for the advice BIG help


29/8/08 3:55:03 PM


The best anti-virus utility is the user.

Providing you're not reckless (and avoid software like IE, outlook, (windows!), ...) that make it easy for viruses to get in, then you'll do just fine.

I don't use anti-virus/anti-spyware software. I recently installed Spybot S&D so I had a local reference to walk my clueless mother through it, and a scan came up all clean.

This install is probably ~1 year old.

So just be careful. Having AV software isn't a bad thing, but it shouldn't be a license to use your computer like an ignorant bafoon, either. :) Think before you click "OK" or "Yes", otherwise one day you might login to net banking and see a nice $0 balance.

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1/9/08 10:44:43 AM

Bad browsing habits can get you stung in Firefox too. There's been arbitrary code execution problems in Firefox.

IE has also improved these days. If someone is going to get themselves hit by a virus in IE, in most cases they are likely to get hit doing the same thing in Firefox.

I'd have to say, at the moment, the only reason you might be at higher risk using IE than Firefox is that IE is targeted more so, not because Firefox is any more secure.

As for email, you're almost always better off using a webmail app if you can. Most of the large webmail players also scan your email for viruses for you, and handle the spam fairly well.


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