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Slight problem with AVG 8.0.
17/8/08 11:24:11 AM

Just a heads up if you are using AVG 8.0 and have a .bin file missing in regards to your update manager. you are not alone.

a quick work around if it is pissing you of is this.

1 - Start avg, click Update Now.
2 - The list of updates is shown in Popup, click on the more information link. A list of updates will be shown.
3 - Click on and save all updates in a file except the last one - http://downloadfree.avg.com/update/u7iavi1616oo.bin - because this is causing the problem.
4 - Cancel the update and instead click on Tools > Update from Directory and go to the file where you saved the updates.Install these and AVG should be working properly again.

thanks to Dubhy63 from neoseeker.com

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17/8/08 11:32:34 AM

Yep just noticed the update error a little while ago. AVG are aware of the error and are working to fix it, they also state that AVG is still protecting you with the exception of the new faulty update.


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17/8/08 12:21:42 PM
ty for the heads up guys.

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17/8/08 3:09:54 PM

I noticed that as well, i'm sure they'll patch it in the next update or if the updater no longer works release a patch.

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