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wardriving with the iTouch
9/8/08 2:52:17 PM
So, I'm playing with my new ipod touch the other day when I find that there's an unsecured wireless network in my area.

Being the estute atomican I looked it up on my laptop, because I'm curious and don't want to use it for free internet access at all..... that would be wrong....

So I look up local networks in range and sure enough there's my wireless network, however it's encrypted.

Now I'm curious, so for curiosity's sake I fire up the safari browser and log onto youtube, voila! It worked! And yet my laptop strangely could not.

Has anyone got any ideas on this?

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10/8/08 10:36:40 PM

maybe the victim was mid-configuration of their innocent home wifi network, and changing the settings at the exact time of your browsing?

an encrypted network doesn't necessarily mean you can't connect - sure it's not just open wep?

don't have a static ip on your laptop wifi?

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