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PC Tools AV - latest update giving false positives
17/7/08 11:46:47 AM

Just a heads up guys...

If you are running PC Tools AV... the Smart Update that came in this morning has a bug in it giving false positives for exploit.html.agent.h

The Mods on the PC Tools Forums have acknowledged it ( http://www.pctools.com/forum/showthread.php?p=188088 ) and have supposedly released a fix in the last hour that can get got by re-running Smart Update. However, I just updated and re-ran the scan of my system and I am getting hits for the same infection.

So now I don't know if the system is infected (presumably not because it wasn't picked up yesterday); or the bug with the update is still there. I've asked the question on the PC Tools forums and will let you know what happens from there.

Edit: after getting the latest updates (after, say, noon today AEST), then reboot your computer and all will be well.

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