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MyWebSearch HELP.........!!!!!
24/6/08 4:00:39 PM

Ya, so my computer is fine :)

My brothers thats the same as mine, has problems.. lol and now he's getting the RunDLL error everytime OS loads saying something about the MyWebSearch.. Now our virus program (NOD32) is finding it and it pops up a lot. Here's the object location and threat info.

Object: C:\Program Files (x86)\MyWebSearch\SrchAsst\2.bin\MWSSRCAS.DLL

Threat: Win32/Toolbar.MyWebSearch application

Also Error occurred during an attemp to access the file by the application: (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

So is he going to get this error EVERY time he loads IE??

NOD32 gets an error while trying to delete, and while trying to clean.. I've tried Googling this.. and EVERYWHERE I read says to go into Control panel. blah blah, and in add/remove programs Find MyWebSearch and Uninstall.. also they all say to uninstall my search and a few other names that I guess are linked to MyWebSearch.. Only problem.. is I don't have MyWebSearch or any of it's other stuff listed.. It's not in add/remove programs. so I can't uninstall it.. NOD32 can't uninstall it.. so WTF.. what should I do, my brother wants to start over and reformat.

When I look in program files under (x86) I can find a folder called MyWebSearch, yet it's not under add/remove programs..

I just deleted the bin2. becuase thats where it was.. only in the srch asst part of the folder.. so I'm assuming it's something to do with IE search assistant or some shit. I just deleted it's entire Bin that it was in.. cuz can't delete the entire thing.. well I can, but I want to uninstall.. can someone help.. OTHER than saying to use Firefox.. thats not the answer I need...

If anyone has Idea's please respond or PM me... as I don't want to have to reformat this PC again for him..


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24/6/08 7:37:41 PM

follow the instructions on the link below.

Then to clean your windows registry download, install and run ccleaner. Do a clean then click on registry and delete all the orphan entrys it finds.

That will get rid of the rundll errors.


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25/6/08 1:52:08 AM

well I can't uninstall it cuz I can't find it in add remove programs... so there goes step 1 from ur link.. I've been there. I guess I could try the other things and see if that helps..

Run Hijack this and clean the extra lines it finds like that site says.. and I can delete the folder in program files.. I already have CCleaner on jump drive I can take over and use..

Cool, thanks for the reply. I'll try hijack this and CC and see if that helps..


eVGA 750i FTW- -Q6700 GO @3.2Ghz w/Tuniq- -BFG 8800 GTS OCE- -2x2GB G-Skill- -Seagate Cuda 500GB 32mb 7200.(11)- -ASUS 20x Optical- -Samsung SyncMaster 226BW 22Inch Widescreen- -Bose Companion 3-

27/6/08 7:53:48 PM

And when you finish fixing it, install Firefox. If you don't want to have to reinstall his system, then that'll go a long way to preventing that requirement in the future.

Naturally, you might need to beat your brother around the head a bit and make him understand that he has to USE it, and it isn't installed just for prettyness. I'd set IE's security setting to super-anal maximum don't-let-anything-even-slightly-non-static-work mode... just for the times he feels the urge to be reckless.

EDIT: Oh, and grab yourself a copy of the linux "system rescue cd" livecd. It will let you delete files that Windows won't, and it also has ntfsclone on it. I'd advise you do a reinstall, get everything necessary on there and then make a recovery image with ntfsclone (or you can use Ghost if you hae that available.)

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8/7/08 11:25:00 PM

I'd say he has ripped it out instead of uninstalling cleanly, try unregistering the dll.
start>Run> & type regsvr32 /u filename.dll


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