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Feeling paranoid? I am a little
28/5/08 10:34:20 AM

My mate was telling me how one internet group was haxord by another internet group because they disagreed with their moral values. Now im not affiliated with any haxor sites or nothing but i did run a netstat on cmd, and had to scroll down to see all the connections and the only site im on is Atomic.

So i dont really wanna stick my head out, i use avg,windows firewall and blessed noscript, any toher simple things i could do to stealth into the background? is uploading sticking me head out?

Cheers in advance, i have been lurking but want some human interaction...sorta?

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29/5/08 4:09:43 PM

There wouldn't be too many people that would suggest Windows Firewall as a firewall of choice- have a look at some good free ones- Comodo, Zonealarm etc. Or, if you have a spare computer lying around try a linux-based firewall distro like IP Cop http://www.ipcop.org/

If by uploading you mean you are using bittorrent, expect to have lots of active connections- it's normal for bittorrent.

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31/5/08 8:50:20 PM

Interesting question.

One thing I find rather comforting about the era of broadband is the number of people who have DSL routers and as a result, their shitty windows machines are behind NAT and thus (generally) not directly connectable from the outside world.

Whether or not someone is connecting to you, or you're connecting to them, you'll end up with a connection and that'll show up in netstat. As long as the ones you're seeing are the ones you're establishing, then you should be fairly safe.

That said, depending on the software you're using, there's always some risk. For example, if you're running SuperMagicalTorrentyThing v1.2, some enterprising hax0r might modify his own BitTorrent client so when it gets a connection from that client it sends back a chuck with *bigblobofbinarybadness sdfjklsdjfl deltree /y c:\*.**, your rinky dink client crashes, executes some arbitrary code and you scratch your head curiously as you stare at the black DOS prompt window telling you all your stuff is going bye bye.

So... there's risk in everything. Firewalling off ports that should never need to be reached from the outside world is a good start. Not running the services that cause those ports to be open is even better if it's not going to impact on what you actually want to do.

Paranoia is worthwhile, it keeps you safe, and it keeps your bank balance at a level that isn't going to make you die in horror instantly upon logging into internet banking. :)

Be sensible about what you run. Avoid using an admin privs account, and you should be pretty safe. Keep backups, too. Hackers might not get you, but HDD gremlins eventually will.

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