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I HATE CA! (with a passion)
19/4/08 9:48:58 PM

i don't think i need to repeat myself...
but i cannot resolve a simple issue of allowing firefox to access the internet with CA firewall without using any ridiculously huge drastic unnecessary measures,

would anyone know why?

by the way, i'm not the only one that hates CA.
EDIT: and the firewall just uninstalled itself -.-

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20/4/08 12:57:43 PM

What can I say about CA......nothing positive that's for sure.

IMHO if you want a firewall and you are not running vista then ashampoo firewall is the simplest and easiest to use, and it is free and works flawlessly.

A free vista version is in the pipeline, meanwhile if you are running vista then use zonealarm free firewall. It uses more resources and is a bit more involved than ashampoo but is otherwise a good firewall.



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20/4/08 1:18:27 PM

Cheers. I would install those straight away if my goddamn parents werent so stubborn rofl.

and im poor so i cant get my own pc lol...


21/4/08 4:25:39 PM

anti spyware tools are a WASTE OF TIME!

Do you reallyu get enough spyware to warrant a 24\7 scanner, as well as a firewall, and antivirus?

neither do I.

I run Comodo Antivirus at work and its been brilliant on over 80ps for over a year. And its HIPS application controll stoped a NASTY virus spreading that no other AV managed to stop. very impressed.

At home im an AVG user because it automatically launches itself in low priority.

also comodo antivirus now which i'll be configuring to not touvh my network traffic. all it needs to do is tell me what programs are accessing the net. so i can allow or deny. which it does fantiastically on my workbench here at work. its network monitoring is great too
(also original poster, programs dont just 'uninstall themselves' maybe it unloaded due to an error? not always its fault. WIthout inspecing your system, unless its a newly formatted XP machine fully patched, its very likely somehthing else caused the instability)

anyway, back to anti-spyware.

WHY? Dont install random 'teeny bopper apps' wow 1000 smileys? how can i go wrong!

what? my mouse curser can blink colors? I NEED THIS TO USE A PC!

I may ALREADY be a winner? if thats so, no need for me to click!

gete Spybot Search and Destroy.

Run imunise, this adds entries into the hosts file to stop your PC even communicating with major spyware sites. and run a scan every 3 months or so.

ive never found anything on my system, and I am a big shareware and freeware fan (well before my latest format). I used to download EVERYTHING (now i use ONLY portable apps).

good luck man.

4200+X2 939, ASUS A8N-SLI-D, Ati HD3850, 1gb,1tb total HDD, 109 DVD, LG DVD-rom.
Quote by Girvo
I've got a wicked tiny one that is ridiculously sensitive.

22/4/08 9:12:42 PM

Thanks. lol i hate this thing. e2140, ONBOARD graphics,
the only good things are that the ram is decent (1.5GB 667fsb) and there are two Liteon DL DVDr/w burners. oh and a 320gb SATA HDD :P


23/4/08 9:47:29 AM

Mate, thats a decent system.

the e2140 is a FANTASTIC overclocker, and 'your parents' will never know the difference, it'll just be faster. Its pretty risk free on an itnel CPU at the moment. dont touch anything but the FSB settings and increase it by 10mhz FSB at a time (i know its usually 1, but that takes forever and its an intel chip, ive done 10 on the last 8 systems ive built)

You can probably get another 40% out of that chip than what its running at now.
Using stock coler
Without touching volts.

As for that ram. is that a 1GB stick and a 512mb stick? If so, ditch the 512mb stick. Replace with another 1gb ($15 @ umart). Its stopping the system running in dual channel which will DOUBLE your rams data transfer when youve done it. if its 3X512, grab another 512. (check your motherboard supports all slots full. some new ones are lame and dont, but its unlikely).

Whats your motherboard? I hope its gigabyte. Robust Graphics Booster. BEST ONBOARD FEATURE EVER! (overclock onboard graphics)

I have a board with onboard Geforce 6200, all sources report minimum stable oveclock to be +33%, which when compared to an actual 6200 card, is 12% faster. (assuming you share the same ammount of ram as the real card.)

This generates some heat though, I stopped at +30% instead of 33% for fear of heat. i'll replace the heatsink soon.

Hope this helps. lemme know.

4200+X2 939, ASUS A8N-SLI-D, Ati HD3850, 1gb,1tb total HDD, 109 DVD, LG DVD-rom.
Quote by Girvo
I've got a wicked tiny one that is ridiculously sensitive.

23/4/08 2:00:49 PM

the board is an intel D946GZTS.

yeah there is 1gb stick & 512mb stick of ddr2 677.
its all stock.

one bad point i MUST address is there is actually a lack of case fans.
ill probably slip one or two in at some point because bf1942 crashes due overheating...its sad.

this is why i want to build my own in the first place!! :p


23/4/08 4:10:37 PM

crap intel motherboard,

does it have any CPU FSB options? sometimes they dont let you OC at all...

that chip should NOT BE OVERHEATING! even without case fans.

the heatsink is not on properly or the thermalpaste has dried up.

of all the systems on atomic yours is probably one of the 'coolest'

4200+X2 939, ASUS A8N-SLI-D, Ati HD3850, 1gb,1tb total HDD, 109 DVD, LG DVD-rom.
Quote by Girvo
I've got a wicked tiny one that is ridiculously sensitive.

23/4/08 7:06:08 PM


i wholeheartedly agree.

im pretty sure it doesnt OC.

i shall proceed with the necessary investigations at an appropriate time. xD


2/5/08 12:02:03 PM

Another option, use linux ;)

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7/5/08 12:19:23 PM

pete does have a good point - however - those of us still in the windows space ....

I used to have a deal at a tech shop i was working with at the time to promote and sell CA. I have never had to eat my own words so much - almost was my whole diet

the CA package is sloppy, not well intergrated, majority flawed and hard for end user to config and utilize fully.

/ca bash.

if you want good protection - just make sure you dont download shit and keep a tight firewall.

install what you know and not what your told to - my principal. :P

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16/7/08 4:35:47 PM
Get Comodo BOclean. It's free, offers excellent security stuff and doesn't slow down your PC as much as other products.

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That would be so awesome...

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