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Email Anonymity.
3/1/08 1:30:25 AM

I use gmail for general emails stuff and my university email address, but i intend to set up a new email account to use as a contact for a website i intend to set up. i want to make sure that there is no way my real name/adress/ip can be picked up from that address. AFAICT gmail is not the best thing as google would clearly keep records of ip etc. and im sure it possible to look it up. anyone know a good safe anonymous email address?

N.B. Clearly i see that its going to be a harder to keep the setting up of the website anonymous. but lets ignore that for the moment.


3/1/08 9:50:19 AM

Whoops nvm.

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3/1/08 12:11:28 PM

Easy way is to have someone host the web site for you then not only will the site be anonymous, but using their mail system keeps that anonymous as well.

This place is run by a friend of mine and IMHO is competitively priced.

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18/4/08 10:16:43 PM

If you want to keep a low profile then first set up TOR routing for your web browsing. That'll keep a webmail provider from getting your true IP address. It'll be slow as hell but it's the only way I can think of to keep your real IP address out of the log files of a mail server.


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2/6/08 6:12:00 PM
Depends what you mean by anonymouse.

If you want a subpoena to not even be possible, then you need to use a service like tor or freenet.

Otherwise a public webmail account is the closest.

Paying for hosting, by its nature, is not at all anonymouse.


2/6/08 9:55:14 PM

What the hell is "anonymouse"? Is this a fancy name for an under-cover rodent?

And why are we bumping this old thread?

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3/6/08 12:18:45 PM
If you try really hard, maybe you can guess what I was actually meaning to type.

I did not mean to bump the old thread, just getting used to the forums, and did not realize it was old. I guess I expected it to be a more active forum. It's not really that old anyway.

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3/6/08 8:47:25 PM

for the record, i had, and still have, no intention of comitting a crime.


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