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Best AV app on Vista
19/8/08 8:03:05 PM

I just bought my son a new lappy and it's got Vista Home Premium installed on it. As is usual with preloaded environments, it's got a 90-day 'trial' edition of Norton AntiVirus. Naturally, I want to nuke this off the computer as fast as possible.

Not having any experience with Vista I'm looking for advice as to which AV suite is best to use. I've had AVG and F-Secure under XP and been quite happy with them. What is everyone else using? (Note: free is good, but I don't mind paying if I have to.)

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19/8/08 8:06:00 PM

Avoid Zone Alarm suite at all costs, shockingly buggy crap causing daily BSODs.

I use Kaperksi and have found it to be very good.


19/8/08 8:21:05 PM

Avast? Not used it on Vista (don't have Vista myself), but pretty sure others use it ok, and never had any issues with it on XP.

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19/8/08 8:44:21 PM

I just bought a copy of NOD32 v3.0, working flawlessly so far. I bought it because of both 32/64 bit support & it was a great AV for XP. Check it out http://www.nod32.com.au/products/eav3_architecture.html


19/8/08 9:03:28 PM
You want avast or avira.

The remaining free solutions suffer from bugginess, bad detection, or both.

AVG or Nod32 in partciular should be avoided.

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19/8/08 10:05:07 PM

Using AVG free here with vista, and have found it to be as good as the other free AV'S out there.

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19/8/08 10:55:22 PM

I've been using Avast without a problem on this Vista Ultimated laptop. Recently I read something about AVG 8.0 being a tad dodgy and affecting traffic stats for webmasters and effectively DDOSing some websites (Though they should have hopefully fixed that by now).

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