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WMP question
14/8/08 10:11:19 PM

heyhey all, listening to windows media player right now, havent really been bothered to install another media player.

So, what i wanted to know if it were possible, you know that visualizations part ? Well yeah, I play my music with "no visualizations" and i thought, "hey, what if i put a photo there?"

So is it possible? To set a photo from your hard drive to show instead of the wmp visualizations?

So i listen to RnB, watch anime and play volleyball.

Teach andy how to cook today!

14/8/08 10:53:45 PM

You can have album art display there.

There is a standard picture which shows there as a placeholder IIRC (may have only been in older version of WMP) which you could probably locate and edit/replace with another picture.

Check the WMP install dir, an earlier version had a png which I did this with.

TBH I think you're better off installing a real media player like Foobar and stop staring at the media player screen.



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