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His Billness declares, "Less memory and more efficiency" from Windows 7
20/8/08 4:39:14 PM

I hope it's not too late to bump the old thread.

But I got this nice link in an email from the code project on the latest goss on IT. Here in the link it says that there are over 2000 people working on the project and if their estimates are correct, then it's about 2500 working on getting Windows 7 ready and shipped for 2010, or fingers crossed end of 2009


I really think that Windows 7 will be a completely different windows to what we have come to love and hate. And will take more of a getting used to then Vista thats for sure, but hopefully will not be as widly hated as Vista straight off.

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20/8/08 6:32:02 PM
Just weighing in with my comments re OS X and Ubuntu

While Kubuntu is nice, I think it is far from great. There are many far nicer KDE desktops out there, and the differences seem immedinatly apparant. Arch's KDEMod, Sabayon and openSUSE would be good examples.

I also don't really like the OS X interface.., I don't know if I am to used to the startbar concept.., which almost every UI I have ever used has had some implementation of..or bad memories of no right click(which I know is not an issue)..but I can't get used to it. Spotlight is cool, but the finder, the dock..it just seems like theres a pretty system but I can't use it.

As for Windows 7.., if they incorporate all the features that were meant to be in vista, it could be a winner.., but there is talk of redesigning from the ground up...which could be a death blow. For now Slackware + fluxbox and Windows 2008 seem a perfect combination.


Why was the lack of a shell a problem? There was always cygwin, and powershell was available for a while before vista, and is far more powerfull than bash/zsh/tcsh etc..

Part of the inhumanity of the computer is that, once it is competently programmed and working smoothly, it is completely honest.

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