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Installing Windows XP on your EEEPC
1/9/08 9:08:38 AM

Quote by cyl287
Hi Lambo,

Successully installed XP following your instructions exactly. Many thanks.

I'm wondering if you could tell computer idiots like me to get the wireless worked after installing XP on eeepc? Sorry for making such stupid requests ......

Did you install the wireless drivers for your version of EEEPC?

If you have, your wireless card may be switched off. You can toggle it with one of the fn and function keys. Cant remember which one, might be F5 or F6.

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3/9/08 5:21:20 AM
Could some one help me whit something ?!?

I am probably going crazy because I even started whit this.

I got ALMOST everything to work .

Took me about 30 hours at the setup is coping files...
Then I got to the normal Installing of Windows XP page ( where I set my language and insert the key )

And then , I got an error about system restore is not running or something. It told me to press cancel and run system restore before I continue the installing , Oh , it was about windows media player , so I pressed OK , not Cancel , and it went on ... installing ... And there it got stuck , at Registering Components ( it was at 13 minutes left ) ... for like ... hour , so I went to google and I found out that some one was waiting about 60 hors and he was still at the same spot , waiting ...

Does any one know how to run System Restore before I get to Install the Windows ... AGAIN .

I finally got the Install working , just had to wait !

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7/9/08 12:40:58 AM
lambo pls help me... pls... im having problem when I typed in the "winnt" command. it always says "bad command or file name" what will I do...? pls any one.... help....


7/9/08 12:55:27 AM
Lambo, pls help me on this... I can't continue on the installing thing... ive got stock on the "winnt" portion. it always says "bad command or file name. pls help me on this... pls...


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