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How to know if you should get Windows Vista
27/3/08 3:28:10 PM

nice post, you actually just sold me with the multi-core info and how it uses ram as apose to how much it uses.
now to find an enterprise copy ehhe


12/4/08 1:32:59 AM

viva le 2003.

Welcome to the eternal hell of my world, where it is Christmas, all year round.

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23/4/08 1:22:10 PM
Thanks for the info. I am about to revamp my pc after the MoBo fan melted onto the board. Moving from AMD 4000+ with MSI MB and 6800gt GPU to Q6600GO with Asus P5E3 Deluxe,Palit 9600 GT (700/2000)512MB and 4GB Corsair 6400C5. Have to get new OS as my original XP has vanished,so was going to get XP again until I read this informative article.
Will now go for 64bit VISTA HOME PREMIUM, hope that is the way to go.
Oh and got a nice Thermalright 120 extreme ultra heatsink with Scythe 120 fan to help cool things down.
Any sugestions about changes to the OS or anything else,gladly received.


27/4/08 6:34:43 PM

Ahahaha, working at Synnex = bonus! :P

Anyway, you should mention that newer users should head onto 64bit rather than 32bit due to the natural limits of 32bit OS...

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31/5/08 6:07:31 PM

Thought it was about time to update it for SP1 :P


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1/7/08 9:07:12 PM
Thanks for this post - The PC I just ordered comes with the 64bit Vista and I was a tad freaked out by all the negative vibes out there about it. I will now sleep in peace


26/7/08 3:49:03 PM

If you are running specialised software (like 15 packages I do for astro-imaging) check they all work before considering Vista!

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31/8/08 12:00:34 AM

if you like aero, then get an uber graphics memory allotment, because vista will steal from the cpu enough to render 2gig minimal

personally i prefer memory to do more than allow transparency effects

you should get vista if :

your computer suddenly grows more powerful than termintor 2


no-one can still sell you xp

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