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Discuss: Motorola/Oakley O Rokr sunglasses
29/7/06 6:04:20 PM

Jetboy thinks:

Who the hell would actually buy one of these things seriously?

About the Atomic article Motorola/Oakley O Rokr sunglasses


Why settle for ordinary sunglasses when there's all this silicon around us?

What do you think?

BAM - and the dirt is gone.

29/7/06 8:18:10 PM

Amen! So I'd carry another set of headphones to listen to music when I'm not doing my rockstar impression...

Taking another look at the picture it seems they pivot so you might just be able to push the sunglasses up on your head, either way it's definitely on the DO NOT PURCHASE list.

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30/7/06 3:39:56 PM

hey i just bought two pairs guys.

Go easy.

whats a tag line ?

31/7/06 1:14:55 AM

Quote by acraick
hey i just bought two pairs guys.

Go easy.


I dont think it would fit everyone's head though.

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4/8/06 8:18:18 AM

I already have a pair of A2DP headphones (blueant X5's), as far as quality goes, it's really good for a first effort, but I would wait untill the technology becomes more stable, I still have a few problems every now and again, have to stop, yurn off the headphones, turn off the streamer, turn on the headphones, connect my phone to them again, turn on the streamer and if i do it all too quickly it all goes to hell.

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19/5/08 7:12:49 PM
as a sunglasses it will do its work..
as a music device, the ear plug will break soon...
still suggest go fashion sunglasses http://www.cheaponlineglasses.com/cheaponlineglasses-Fashion-Sunglasses-cid-27-list.html and a classic ipod to stay cool

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