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Song Summoner on the iRiver?
Dark Maverik 
15/7/08 12:50:50 PM

So the iPod's brought out a new mini TBS game. The Song Summoner sounds like an interesting concept. However I loath the iTunes creature and all it's ilk, and thus have shunned the iPod from my list of gadgets I aim to own.

However, I DO own an iRiver X20, which also has a spin wheel thing (not touch sensitive. And actual wheel.) and as such, already holds all the necessary tools to play the game. I just wondered if anyone had heard anything about this game receiving any ports (official or otherwise) that would let me check this game out without having to own one of those wretched devices (Ok so the iPod itself is ok... But iTunes damn it!)

"All of man's greatest adventures started with a step in the wrong direction."
- Dark Maverik

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