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ZEN X-Fi - it is official
11/7/08 10:35:37 PM

If you are not familiar: X-Fi is an enhancer that, when applied to a lossy mp3, boosts its dynamics, emphasizes transients (percussion) and strengthens lows and highs. This is what my X-Fi desktop sound card does anyway, and I presume finally someone grasped the idea
it could be well used for portable audio.

I like the concept - with one serious reservation though - why not to rip your music in lossless formats?

Details of design, capacity, specs, product bundle etc

(nice headphones btw - Sennheiser CX300 lookalikes?)

xe.com conversion gives AU prices:

$300 for 32GB
$228 for 16GB
$174 for 8GB

Computex 2008 Babe Watch

12/7/08 4:37:25 PM

Nice. I wonder how it fairs against the Cowon range: http://www.cowonglobal.com/

Cyb3rGlitch Tutorials: http://www.cyb3rglitch.com/
Tutorials for the aspiring beginner.

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