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Help geting O2 Atom to connect to Wireless
27/6/08 1:21:16 PM

Allright I give up. I'm trying to get me Dad's O2 Atom mobile/PDA to connect to the wireless at his place. I've tried security (WPA and WEP, 64 key on WEP 8 character on WPA) and no security and the *$%$#@^$%$ing thing just won't connect. It says that it is connecting to his nework, then just stops and tries to connect to his work network.

How do i get this stupid thing to connect? Has anyone got these to work on wireless at all?

I'm out of ideas. Wherever the O2 guru his he/she can come out now.


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28/6/08 11:15:41 PM

Sounds like it's set up to use a work network and won't over-ride. Check in the Connection Settings, you should be able to choose whether it's using a work VPN or not.

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