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Opera Minit 4.1 and Java Midlet Managers
14/5/08 12:20:37 PM

Now that Opera Mini 4.1 is available ( http://mini.opera.com/ ) you may want to consider installing it on your smartphone or wireless-capable PDA. Before you can do that, though, you need to have a good Java Midlet Manager. On Windows Mobile (WM) devices this can be difficult because Microsoft don't supply one, so you need to hunt around yourself.

An excellent primer on midlet managers can be found on the Opera Mini forums here:

It's heavy reading, but there's a lot of very useful information and suggestions for different types of midlet managers, with very thorough explanations of how they work and what applications they work best with. If you can't be bothered and just want a decent manager to use with Opera Mini 4.1 then I suggest you try this one:

Follow the links in the first post to get to the appropriate download link for your version of WM. I run WM6 on my Treo 750 and I got the JBed 3.1 manager. It works flawlessly with Opera Mini 4.1 and is much improved over the previous manager I had, which often suffered problems when entering text.

If you've got any questions about installing either the manager or Opera Mini, send me a PM or post in this thread.

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13/6/08 8:22:43 PM

Thanks for this. I was wondering about getting Opera Mini onto my new phone (i-mate ultimate 9502).

I used Opera Mini close to when it first came out and loved the way it worked over the one that came with my old phone.

Grabbing all the files now and I'll see about getting it on my phone.

EDIT: And Opera is my preferred browser on my desktop. I have 4 browsers installed at the moment, but Opera is the one I always use.

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