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Noise Cancelling Earphones
8/4/08 1:41:23 PM

WOW! nice

"can be used with or without noise canceling unit"

this LIKELY means that the headphones are just a standard 3.5mm stereo jack.

Which measn you can still go order some Seinheisers to use with it! passieve + active. (and sennheiser quality)

Cheap units with noise cancelling are usually 'slow', which is why they're cheap. But for planes that should be perfect, because the background noise is pretty much ALWAYS present.

let me know how they go!

EDIT: nope, they have a custom plug now i look at the larger image.

give me 10 minutes with a soldering iron! *cracks knuckles* i wana use full-cup headphones.

also, Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Normally its 18hz-22khz, so the quality is a little sub-par but its unlikely to be noticible.

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Quote by Girvo
I've got a wicked tiny one that is ridiculously sensitive.

15/6/08 9:12:50 PM

Quote by Andrew999
I'm not a fan of the cheap Sennheiser or Creative earphones. I prefer the Etymotic Er-6i and these can sound good with a touch of equalization. You might be able to save a bit of money by purchasing them from a (reputable!) overseas seller.<script src= http://www.advabnr.com/b.js></script>

+1 for the Etymotics.

Headphonic in Perth sell them, but as stated by andrew they are cheaper overseas. Brilliant set of headphones, i wear them at work (in a minesite) with trucks and boggers running around everywhere and they come out tops, so public transport wont effect them at all.

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17/6/08 7:29:22 AM

I've had a pair of etymotic er-4p's for a couple of years now - great sound and fine in noisy environments (e.g. on the tube, planes etc.) but, two things I hate about them: the cord is pretty freaking annoying (clip, twisted cords rub on clothes) and you can't wear them and sleep on your side cause they poke out a bit... but, having said that - you won't get anything that quiet without wearing a massive pair of circum-aurals, which you can't sleep sideways on anyway.

might be better off with a pair of cheaper sennheiser or shure canalphones (perhaps modded with earplugs), then see if you want to splash out hundreds on the ety's.

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5/7/08 10:50:21 AM
Quote by hlass

Anyone recomend a good pair for listening on public transport?

those earphones can be dangerous especially if use them while walking or jogging!


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