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HP protect Tools?
12/3/08 9:12:14 AM

I have a HP Ipaq HX 4700 that was just recently bought by the business I work at that has that software installed. whenever I turn on the device it comes up with a screen showing "device locked- please enter pin" and as i have no idea who this was bought off I don't know the pin.

Is there any way to get around this?

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17/3/08 9:59:58 PM

well if you were actually given the thing and are telling the truth then you should ask who ever gave it to you for the pin.

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24/8/08 3:56:23 AM
This may be a bit dated, but I had the same problem. I just answered the questions wrong a dozen times and it asked if I wanted to reset to factory defaults. I said yes and now I can use it. Hope this helps someone.


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