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Can anyone help me?
12/2/08 11:03:24 PM
Hey Guys!
I have some of my favorite songs in my iPod that I want to transfer into my computer. I have tried many times by different methods but I am unable to transfer. Do you people have any idea that can help me out? Your suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!


The Fuzz damn you! 
13/2/08 11:10:43 AM


How did you get these songs onto your ipod in the first place?

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13/2/08 3:10:57 PM
Really, really, really bad thread title.

I really shouldn't even say anything with a thread title like that, but I'm nice, so:


It would be so lame if nothing was written here...

13/2/08 5:30:09 PM
Hi, there is lots of software available on the net that can easily transfer songs, pictures or music with iTunes. Currently I am using a software and it works very well for me. I got it from http://www.ipodtoitunes.net/ Hope this will help you too.
Good luck!

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13/2/08 9:55:53 PM

ephPod and SharePod are good places to start.

Google them.

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13/2/08 11:55:41 PM

Itunes works...


24/2/08 4:28:21 AM
My mp3 player software is lacks and when I got a new computer I needed to do this too, I was able to copy the contents of the player onto my new computer in a cut and paste fashion.

A lot of the details were gone/missing/changed but you can use management software for that.


11/3/08 8:24:51 PM
I am using SoundTaxi Professional - Napster to iPod converter to convert songs. I think this device will help you to convert songs from ipod to your PC. This device unprotects and converts songs for use with iPod, any other MP3 player, CD player, mobile phone or PC. The converted songs have NO DRM restriction anymore and it is super fast.
I don't think it will affect the itunes as it can convert in HIFI and CD quality. So I hopefully think this device will help you solve your problem.

Try the trial version at http://www.thevideolife.com/napster-to-ipod-itunes.html


22/5/08 9:14:49 PM

If the songs are already on his iPod, I would have thought iTunes would only allow him to extract them IF iTunes put it there in the first place - and only if it was that copy of iTunes on that computer that put it there in the first place?


Titus Welliver 
24/5/08 11:12:45 AM

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