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Recommend PDA Phone
28/1/08 10:28:33 AM


I'm looking at buying a PDA Phone, primarily to be online where there are no computers, i.e. cafe, park... so browsing is the main criteria. Another criteria, I prefer more PDA than phone. I.e don't want a smart phone

Budget: unlimited, so looking for a good device.

Initially I wanted a linux PDA phone, but I see there is not much out there. But not important, I can get any OS device, as linux can sync most things out there. So OS is not important.

Can ppl recommend one. There are alot of devices out there.
At the moment, I'm leaning towards either a Palm Treo(Windows Mobile), iPhone, or Dopod, unless I find something better. Thanks.

Edited by Pete: 28/1/2008 10:44:14 AM

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29/1/08 5:51:20 PM


Heavy but very functional.

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30/1/08 11:02:22 AM

I dont have one but I,ve always liked the look of the O2 Atoms.

Thinking of getting a pda phone myself so like Pete if people can put down their recommendations it would be much appreciated.


Jonothan Geston 
21/3/08 5:02:48 PM
yeah im not sure what exactlly your lookin for but Ive seen this phone which is pretty rad, it has PDA functions with windows mobile and inbuilt Gps too..




21/3/08 8:41:02 PM

The TyTN 2 isn't *that* heavy. It's a good phone, and a great PDA. I use it in combination with a Sony Clie though, cause I'm weird.

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23/3/08 1:38:45 AM


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24/3/08 8:36:13 PM

I'm told that Palms are dying. Could be wrong. But Windows based PDAs are getting pretty snazzy. I have an old HP RX1950. It was good for it's time and HP has some pretty good ones in it's range.

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15/4/08 5:59:44 PM

Never had any problems with my Palm Treo 750. It's still only using WM 5.0 though.

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Bob Hawke 
2/5/08 1:34:53 AM

The HTC Tytn2 have no.. ATI drivers .. in short.. all the rendering.. video playback.. is dumped on the CPU which works.. but destroys battery time :)

The hardware in it is such that it should be a beast.. but literally no drivers..

There's a class action you can check out at xdadevlopers about it.. I think someone there had compiled a rom with basic rendering enabled as well actually...

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7/5/08 8:49:42 PM
I have an O2 Flame. Have to say I am very happy with it except for the size but then the graphics more than makes up for that. Ha dht e O2 Atom before that and though it was great. My wife has the O2 Stealth and has also been a great phone.

O2 is well worth a look at. A lot of range including the Orbit with built in GPS.


8/5/08 8:26:30 PM

Look at the post date: 28/1/08 10:28:33 AM

A bit late. :)

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