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Discuss: NRG Storm
9/9/08 8:22:28 PM
emccat thinks:

this is probebly the ONLY NRG computer that is about the same price as the total price of the custom built equivelent (although better is avalible). the only upgrade's i think this system i think need's would be at least 4Gb of ram. also this system conatins a pretty pricey CPU as well (it's like $800-$1000). there are better options for custom built computers but this is probebly as close as a person can get to a good gaming computer at this price (exept of course the dream book D90 which is an amazing quad core laptop the skull trail dual quad core computer).

About the Atomic article NRG Storm


A beast of a machine, but at what cost? A lot...

What do you think?


9/9/08 8:36:56 PM

Shit warranty for the price you are paying.

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