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Thermaltake TR2 Standard 470W PSU
30/8/08 1:22:19 AM

I am currently getting some new parts (namely a new video card) and I've found out I'll need a new PSU.

I can't find a review for this unit anywhere, if anybody has some knowledge on it or reasons why I should/shouldn't buy it.



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30/8/08 1:54:58 AM

You gave the best reason not to get it... why get something that hasn't been reviewed at all when you can get something that has? Why pay for something where your best information is a vague testimonial when you can see exactly what it's competitors can do?

If the TR2 470W specs are to be believed it had 29A available on the 12V rail(s). You have no way of knowing if it can handle that and stay within reasonable ripple, noise, efficiency etc.

At around the same price...

The Zalman 360W has 26A available and has been thoroughly tested and shown to be capable of supplying a fair bit more than that:

The Antec EarthWatts 430W has 30A available on the 12V rail(s) and is certainly capable of delivering that with good stability:

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