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42" aquos sharp
29/8/08 8:30:51 AM
hi, im currently in the market for a new pc screen but i was wandering does anyone with a 42" screen share some thoughts about the effectiveness of a lcd tv? is it really pixilated, is there some problems etc..

p.s. im looking towards this particular one because it's 1080 and it's on special for 1395 at harvey norman


29/8/08 9:24:51 AM

According to the specs, it can act as 1920x1080 monitor. Not bad.

PC 1: XP Home SP2, Opty 165@1.8Ghz, GEIL 1GB PC3200, 320GB SATA Cuda ES,XFX 9600GSO 580/700x2/1450, Seasonic S12+ 550W
PC 2: XP Home SP3, XP 3000+@2.24 Ghz, 1GB PC3200, 80GB IDE,ASUS nVidia 6800 512MB, Antec PlanetWatts 380W

Cpt. Lock 
1/9/08 10:36:39 AM

Sit in front of it as close as you would with a monitor. If you can still see the pixels then yes it's going to be a pain to live with


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