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Media Center Extenders?
27/8/08 11:51:42 PM

Does anyone know much about Media Center Extenders? I want to get one but I can't find much good information on them or any places to buy them.

I don't want to get an Xbox 360 or PS3 because they're a bit out of my price range. I'd prefer to limit my spend to about $300.


Cold E@rth 
28/8/08 2:15:37 PM

PC Authority (Atomic's sister mag) did a review on a few media extenders (they called them network players) a few months ago. See here:


For your price range, they recommend the ZyXEL DMA 1000, as long as you don't need wi-fi.

CE out.

Ryan Daniel Hughes: 08.02.02 - 14.05.02

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