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new pc
21/8/08 2:26:12 PM
Hi im just after some information, im looking to upgrade my mobo im currently using an ASUS p4p800 e-deluxe with a pentium 2.4gHz was just after some opinions as to what mobo i should go to. I was looking at a gigabyte ( just one i like) my main uses are surfing,gaming,ebay and general use like banking and stuff im just finding this one slows downs quite a bit when 2 or more apps are running (2Gb of ram) oh and new mobo must be pci express. my budget is around $150-200

thanks in advance


22/8/08 10:32:00 AM

when you buy a new mb you will also need new cpu ram gpu and possibly a psu
ep45 ds3 ~$150 may be suitable provided that budget is for mb alone

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