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Discuss: Nvidia brings Cuda to the notebook
13/8/08 10:50:37 AM

Girvo thinks:

Wow, sounds neat. If only I had a real use for CUDA...

About the Atomic article Nvidia brings Cuda to the notebook


Parallel GPU processing goes mobile

What do you think?

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13/8/08 11:03:21 AM

Any laptop with a GF8 series or higher has CUDA...

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13/8/08 11:17:35 AM

* Grumbles about the ATI X1700 GPU in laptop *

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13/8/08 11:49:15 AM

the quadro 135M in my dell laptop runs just over a hundred thousand samples in drillholes just fine, this things gonna be massive. mmmm deposit scale 3d visualisation :)

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13/8/08 8:12:33 PM

so are they going to fix the problems with the laptop gpu's or simply find more ways like this to cover up their failure.

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